Wyoming Cancer Coalition

Key Messages

Success begins with VISION.
The Wyoming Cancer Coalition is charged with implementing the Wyoming Cancer Control Plan, which provides a clear vision of how we can address the second leading cause of death in the Equality State. The plan outlines Wyoming’s comprehensive cancer control goals and strategies for cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and quality of life.

The vision is based on COLLABORATION.
Comprehensive Cancer Control offers the power of collaboration as a key approach in reducing cancer. The Wyoming Cancer Coalition is made up of over 80 organizations, and 300 members, united through a shared vision, common commitment, and collaborative activities.

Collaboration promotes EFFICIENCY.
Cancer is a complex problem too large for any one entity to address efficiently. By pooling information, ideas, skills, and strategies, a united partnership is better equipped to set priorities, enhance existing coordination, prevent overlap, maximize resources, and evaluate impact.

Efficiency turns plans in to ACTION.
The mission of the Wyoming Cancer Coalition is accomplished through the actions of its members. The Wyoming Cancer Coalition helps its members adopt the goals and strategies of the Cancer Control Plan, engage others in their efforts, and build community capacity.

Action yields RESULTS.
Wyoming Cancer Coalition members are carrying out Wyoming’s Cancer Control Plan through activities that promote positive health behaviors, increased cancer screenings, broader access to quality treatment, and better quality of life for survivors. These results bring us closer to the ultimate goal of saving lives by reducing cancer as a significant health problem in Wyoming.

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