The Wyoming Pain Initiative (WPI) was founded as a result of the Wyoming Cancer Control Act of 2007 (Senate Enrolled Act 92). A Wyoming Pain Advisory Committee was authorized to research issues relating to pain management in Wyoming and to provide programmatic and policy recommendations to various audiences, including the Director of the Wyoming Department of Health, other state agencies and licensing boards of healthcare professionals who manage acute and chronic pain patients. Representatives of the Wyoming Boards of Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy were appointed to provide knowledge and expertise in the area of pain control. Additionally, the Wyoming Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, the Wyoming State Pharmacist, and a member of the public were appointed to provide additional information to ensure all pain-related assets, barriers, challenges, and needs with regard to improving pain control in Wyoming were heard.

The Wyoming Department of Health led the project by coordinating meeting schedules and ensuring input from a diverse audience. The Wyoming Pain Advisory Committee brought together a larger stakeholder group in order to show a more accurate picture of pain in the Equality State. Over sixty stakeholders representing a multitude of agencies, organizations, and individuals, have come forward to address this important public health issue.

As a result of Enrolled Act 92 and the Wyoming Pain Initiative Meetings the Wyoming Pain Initiative White Paper was created. This white paper gives recommendations for improving pain and system management in Wyoming.